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Article: Knitting a baby's sweater for a beginner mom

Tricoter le pull de bébé pour maman débutante

Knitting a baby's sweater for a beginner mom

Why did our grandmothers knit? Because they had time! And over time, patience. We almost have too much time during this quarantine, so why not take advantage of it to knit a baby hat...

What if we took advantage of the time freed up by quarantine to try out an activity that we consider – wrongly! – as being reserved for our grandmothers? The sumptuous Wool and The Gang website brings up to date a way of occupying our hands that is too often seen as outdated. Yes, knitting is trendy and you just have to wander around the site and fall for the knitted sweaters and bags to be seduced.

We can never praise enough the merits of manual activities such as knitting. In addition to being a wonderful hobby, knitting allows you to reconnect with the joy of creating, making with your hands, unique pieces for you and... for your baby. Be careful, we warn, this activity is highly addictive and… excellent for your health!

Wool and The Gang offers knitting kits for all levels. For beginners, this bib-hat-slippers set allows you to create three pieces of different levels and thus gradually introduce yourself to knitting. The pattern and the balls are in the kit, all you have to do is learn from home, at your own pace. Take a look at the Babies page, and you will find some superb knits to wear for your baby once he or she is born. It’s also a great gift to give to a mother-to-be…

Phildar, the essential Phildar, a reference brand in knitting, publishes very beautiful videos on Youtube to learn how to knit. On their sites, you have access to kits and patterns to make the models yourself. Do you want to make a baby blanket? Phildar explains how here! A pretty sweater? It's this way. A wrap sweater? Click on the following image.

We hope this article will inspire you, don't hesitate to share your creations with us with the hashtag #firmamanstore!

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