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Article: Delicious organic and healthy snacks specially designed for breastfeeding

De délicieux snacks bios et sains spécialement conçus pour l'allaitement

Delicious organic and healthy snacks specially designed for breastfeeding

Although they cannot count on a full night's sleep, young mothers have their own healthy and balanced snack. After giving birth, many mothers are deficient in iron and vitamins.

Jolly Mama called on nutritionists, naturopaths, gynecologists and agricultural engineers to develop cereal squares adapted to their needs.

The two mothers behind Jolly Mama pool their knowledge in engineering, marketing and health to offer innovative snacks. Inside, there are oats and ingredients with a low and medium glycemic index, to promote satiety and reduce feelings of hunger. Full of vitamins B1, B9, iron and magnesium, they help reduce fatigue.

The breastfeeding squares are made with fenugreek, an ancestral plant which promotes milk production. Naturally rich in fiber, sources of vitamins and minerals to regain energy and well-being after childbirth, they are cooked at low temperature to preserve the vitamins, nutrients and their taste to die for.

The Energie range is perfect for future mothers looking for a healthy snack and also for Wonder Women who need a good boost!

Take anywhere, one or two per day as a snack, with a piece of fruit, this snack is delicious! There is something for everyone: chocolate, blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts, oats... Discover the composition of Jolly Mama snacks on and in store! At Firmaman, our favorite is the blueberry one!

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