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Article: Two online courses to do good from home during pregnancy

Deux cours en ligne pour se faire du bien depuis chez soi pendant la grossesse

Two online courses to do good from home during pregnancy

From your living room, treating yourself to a moment of well-being and relaxation has become possible with new technologies.

Firmaman presents two top teachers and their courses adapted to pregnant women. On Instagram and YouTube, Sonia offers prenatal dance. Lily Barbery-Coulon, for her part, broadcasts her yoga classes every evening on Instagram…

Sonia Duchesne 's prenatal dance Pregnant, Sonia continued dancing, because it is a passion and for all the well-being that it brought her. The benefits were remarkable: dancing during her pregnancy allowed her to stay in shape, to continue appropriate and pleasant physical activity, and to take care of her body gently and deeply. Since then, she has been giving prenatal dance classes to pregnant women. On YouTube and on Instagram (@danseprenatale), this enthusiast shares her choreographies and sequences, to continue to bring sweetness and good humor to future mothers. We recommend without moderation. Dancing releases the hormones of happiness; dancing a little every day to your favorite Rita Mitsouko song is good for your body and your morale!

Free meditations and yoga on Instagram with Lily Barbery-Coulon Lili Barbery offers daily kundalini yoga and meditation sessions on Instagram (@lilibarbery) live at 6 p.m. More than 12,000 people connect to his lives as they allow them to release pressure, to forget, to let go. Introduce yourself to the chanted mantra to soothe yourself and find peace of mind. The sweet and luminous Lily guides you through this discovery of a practice with multiple benefits. From your living room, transform negative energy into positive energy and adapt the practice to the possibilities of your body. The simple chanting of mantras will allow you to regain great energy!

Take care of yourself, your body and do yourself good.

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