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Article: The usefulness of real maternity panties

culotte de grossesse haute ou basse sans coutures invisible

The usefulness of real maternity panties

For nine months, pregnant, your body shape will change and your weight will evolve , and , very quickly, your usual lingerie will become uncomfortable . The important thing is not to feel tight in the stomach or in the buttocks.

At Firmaman, we believe that maternity panties are especially essential for the last months and , in particular , in high waist .

We can already hear you : too ugly ! Grandma 's panties !

Que n'enni ! Barely tried, it is adopted. And, what's more, you might even find it very pretty to wear , when the stomach is well rounded, not to mention the comfort provided and the quite trendy retro style .

Made of a soft and very stretchy material ( above all , no synthetic material ! ) , the high maternity panties wrap the belly and provide an unrivaled feeling of support during the last months .

In flesh color, High maternity panties will then be completely invisible under summer dresses . In black , with a matching bra, it highlights the stomach . If you want to immortalize your pregnancy during a photo session , now is the time !

The icing on the cake is that it avoids the unsightly baggage of classic low - cut briefs whose elastic can mark hips.

However, for fans of low-cut panties , don't panic at Firmaman you will find the models adapted to your pregnancy.

Equipped with an elastic waist that does not tighten the stomach, it will give your baby plenty of time to express themselves and enhance your figure.

High or low, our comfortable, fitted and sexy panties will be your best allies for a fulfilling pregnancy.

Don't hesitate to coordinate them with one of our maternity bras .

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