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Article: Maternity overalls, a must have

salopette de grossesse en jean bleu clair anthracite indigo

Maternity overalls, a must have

Overalls, invented in 1844 for carpenters, have undergone many developments. They have been in fashion again for some time and are available in several materials which leaves a wide choice. What's better in spring than overalls in general and maternity overalls in particular. Practical, loose and comfortable, you will feel at ease, without pressure and even protected from drafts or insects, during your first picnics in the tall grass!

The maternity overalls that we select, made from soft materials, adapt to changes in your body to guarantee maximum comfort and ease. Without a real belt, they leave plenty of room for your baby bump to free itself and rival pants.

If you've never worn one, now is the time to start! And you can also postpone it afterwards! (Useful for breastfeeding).

Here are our tips for wearing your maternity overalls:

1. Invest in quality maternity overalls! If you plan to buy overalls, they must be well cut and in good fabrics.
2. Adapt it to your personality or your current style: Cowgirl version with a tank top, hat and boots, streetwear with tank top, basketball cap, beachwear with a swimsuit, hat and sandals, building painter with a roller and a pot of paint! In short, we vary it according to the moment and the desires.
3. The top: avoid patterns and opt for a plain tank top or t-shirt.
4. Shoes: obviously flat shoes which will give you the stability you need during pregnancy.
5. The essential accessory: in order to avoid wearing a pregnancy mask this summer, we recommend that you wear a hat or cap. Our hats from the French brand Lords of Hors are anti-UV and can be adjusted from the inside with a cord to fit your head and the wind! They come in several styles. Our cotton “shorts nights” caps from the Berlin brand Badmumclub and their large visors, available in black or beige, will effectively protect you from the sun.

Here are the models we offer:

The real baggy denim maternity overalls from the Australian brand Ripe. A perfect fit that doesn't tighten the stomach or legs and just the right amount of elastane for a soft feel. An adjustment buttonhole on each hip so you can wear it from the very beginning, during and even after your pregnancy, in summer and winter. Adjustable and detachable straps. It is available in three colors: anthracite , indigo and light blue .

Lightweight cotton carpenter-style maternity overalls in denim blue or pale blue, from the French brand Balloon. Loose and ultra light, it will be ideal during hot summer days. Discreet hidden zips on either side of the hips will allow you to make room for your baby bump.

Ultra wide cotton and linen maternity overalls from the Australian brand Ripe. Worn over a tight tank top, it will be ideal during a hot, hot summer.

In conclusion: we hope to have answered all your questions and convinced you of the usefulness of maternity overalls!

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