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Article: Pregnant, I don't forget my House of Hord protection 50 hat!

chapeau anti masque de grossesse UV 50

Pregnant, I don't forget my House of Hord protection 50 hat!

It's the new thing of the week! Firmaman fell in love with the anti-UV hat brand House of Ord.

And we know how essential it is for pregnant women to protect themselves (hat and sunscreen) to avoid wearing a pregnancy mask from the first sunny days!

Originally from Cape Town (South Africa), House of Ord creates models to ward off the sun and heat, and combines trendiness, ease of transport, eco-responsibility and, above all, UFP 50 +* protection!

firmaman beach maternity hat

Designed in completely eco-responsible materials, the hats are washable (by hand) and above all completely wrinkle-free thanks to their flexibraid materials (lightness and anti-crush), cotton or even polyester.
And, pompom on the beret (or icing on the cake!), they are all adjustable thanks to a cord, velcro or clip system located inside.

Please note, all models have undergone extensive testing by independent laboratories in Australia and South Africa.

firmaman anti UV pregnancy hat

Whether you are at the beginning or at the end of your pregnancy, adopt the perfect pregnant woman look for summer, in the city or at the beach.

At the market in the morning, with maternity shorts and a tank top, the hat will be the ideal accessory to your pregnant woman Fashion outfit.

firmaman casual maternity hat

In the afternoon at the beach, you will be protected as much by your anti-UV maternity swimsuit as by your Malibu or Gilaroo hat.

firmaman pregnancy hat

Without forgetting the more chic models to accessorize your formal maternity dress at a wedding, a garden party, a cocktail or a dinner with friends.

firmaman chic anti-UV maternity hat
stylish firmaman maternity hatfirmaman anti-UV maternity hat

So, you will have understood, this year, we will not miss a sunbonnet , a fedora or a cowboy style hat... which will find its place in your beach bag or picnic basket. fuck. Ready for summer!

*UFP 50+ certification meets regulations. This in no way replaces sunscreen or sunscreen.

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