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Article: Prepare my maternity suitcase

Préparer ma valise de maternité

Prepare my maternity suitcase

Your stay in the maternity ward lasts between 3 and 5 days for a typical delivery; if there was a cesarean section, this can last up to a week.

For your transition to maternity ward to go as smoothly as possible, your maternity suitcase must contain a few essentials. Comfortable pants , nursing t-shirts, washable pads , bras and bras for easy breastfeeding, here are the Firmaman essentials to put in your maternity suitcase.

The nursing top If you want to breastfeed, nothing better than a nursing top. It is designed to accommodate your round post-pregnancy belly and allows you to feed your little one if he asks for visits, without having to undress completely. The Bravado nursing camisole is ideal for this. Many long-sleeved models and nursing sweatshirts exist, but for maternity wards, which are generally overheated, we recommend short-sleeved tops.

The Tajine Banane or Bonjour Mommy short-sleeved t-shirt, with its fun graphics, presents a different system: the buttons under the arms allow you to breastfeed in all circumstances.

The nursing bra or bra If you visited us during your pregnancy, you certainly already have everything you need in lingerie. Almost all of our maternity bras and bras have a clip-on/magnetic strap, allowing you to breastfeed your little one by unclipping the strap and lowering the bra cup. The Anita and Bravado brands have created superb models that are very comfortable after childbirth.

The +: The super absorbent nursing pads from noppies or Cache-coeur allow you to avoid flooding. Indoor outfits In the maternity ward, it's Sunday every day, one key word: rest. So you recover your strength, you recover from this very trying experience of giving birth.

And to spend peaceful days, nothing better than comfortable outfits and elegant pajamas to still welcome the family who comes to meet your baby. Polka dots and midnight blue are in the spotlight at Noppies, one of our favorite maternity brands.

The Hobby sheath from Physiomat Dr Bernadette de Gasquet, who has focused her research and work around the well-being of pregnant women and young mothers and their appropriation of their childbirth, is a fan of this sheath inspired by Japanese traditions. It can be worn during pregnancy and for six weeks after delivery. Right after baby, the abdominals are “too big” and many mothers feel the need for more support while sitting or standing.

The first weeks are at risk for the perineum, back and abdominal muscles which are not adapted to the brutal “emptiness” that baby leaves behind. This sheath facilitates the recovery of your figure without risk of weakening your back and your abdominals and without pressure on the perineum. For the stomach, the soft sheath or soft shaping panties are ideal, they gently support the stomach.

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