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Harmony pregnancy bola

Sale price€119,90

Subtle and chic, the Harmony pregnancy bola is a sublime gift to give to a future mother! This pregnancy jewelry is a modern interpretation of the ancestral Mayan tradition of the “Bola” or “Angel Bell”. According to legend, the gentle ringing of its bell pendant is a call to the Guardian Angel of the person who owns it. The pregnancy bola was traditionally worn by Mayan mothers: during pregnancy, as a protective amulet for future mothers and their babies; and after birth, to soothe the newborn with the gentle ringing of his familiar bell, reminding him of his mother's invisible presence. Ilado revisits and modernizes a tradition as poetic as it is delicate.

18k gold coated brass pendant and chain
Pendant diameter: 20 mm - Adjustable chain length: 1100 mm / 950 mm

Bola de grossesse Harmony Ilado
Harmony pregnancy bola Sale price€119,90