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Survival guide to 100 days after childbirth

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Baby has arrived… Where is this happiness that we sold you?! Between lack of sleep, baby blues, physical pain, crying to console, etc., postpartum is not a long, quiet river. Becoming a mother even turns out to be an emotional tsunami. However, future mothers are often poorly informed about the possible problems that await them. It's time to re-establish some truths about motherhood!
Mother of four children, Agnès Labbé shares her experience without tongue in cheek, with a lot of humor and kindness. From childbirth to returning to work, she addresses the difficulties encountered and provides numerous tips and tricks to overcome them and relieve guilt. She gives you the keys to feeling comfortable in your role as a mother and finding a new balance between three, four...
You will discover everything we forgot to tell you about postpartum and the tools to get through it!
“Everyone tells you that this baby is magnificent, and you want to believe it, but nothing can be done, you are disappointed. His nose is really too big... And his skull? What is this all deformed skull? Most babies look like an amateur boxer in the first few days. Imagine that spending nine months stuck in a uterus with your feet at ear height leaves some marks. »

Guide de survie aux 100 jours après l'accouchement
Survival guide to 100 days after childbirth Sale price€16,90