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Physiomat Comfort support belt

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The Physiomat Comfort belt is a product designed to relieve the back of pregnant women during pregnancy and tighten the pelvis after childbirth for better recovery of the body after baby.

When to use it?

During pregnancy : The more the pregnancy progresses, the more the weight of the belly will be felt. Use it as soon as you feel the need, particularly during walks or prolonged standing. It doesn't take up much space and can easily be stored in your handbag. For those who suffer from sciatica, it will release the lower back and relieve pain. For others, it will offer a feeling of rediscovered lightness (or almost...). In addition to providing relief, the pregnancy belt also offers a preventive role in protecting the perineum, which is subjected to severe strain during pregnancy. In order to maintain the abdominal strap, make sure not to use it for more than 4 hours per day.

- lower back pain - circulatory problems - hypermobility of the pubic symphysis - ligament pain (Lacomme syndrome) - sensations of heaviness in the lower abdomen - frequent need to urinate - urinary incontinence - uterine contractility

After childbirth: The young mother produces a hormone present for 6 weeks which softens the joints in order to allow the pelvis to close. By taking advantage of this hormone, it is possible to help the pelvis to close more thanks to the Physiomat belt. In addition to helping the pelvis close, it also provides relief from a feeling of emptiness by feeling held.

- pain in the neck, upper back, kidneys - pain in the lower back - pain in the pubic symphysis - sensations of gravity - urinary incontinence - in the event of a cesarean section to relieve the tension of the scar

Hand wash at 30°C - Made in France - The Physiomat Confort belt is recommended for hips T38 and above (8 cm high)

La ceinture physiomat Confort
Physiomat Comfort support belt Sale price€32,99