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Article: Traveling with Baby? Tips and tricks ️

Voyager avec Bébé? Trucs et astuces ️

Traveling with Baby? Tips and tricks ️

First trip with your child... You can't wait, but you're a little apprehensive, and you're asking yourself a few questions... How can you get your baby to travel in complete comfort, and which destination will suit them best? Firmaman answers all your questions.

Are you taking the plane or the train? The baby sling is the accessory you need: nothing better to rock your baby in complete peace of mind. He will be snuggled up nicely, and if you have to walk the 100 steps to get him to sleep, you won't tire your arms. Bring in your bag: a small bottle for water, preferably glass. Don't forget two emergency sets (onesies and pajamas), a sweater and a pair of wool socks if the air conditioning is too strong. In the event of a strike or breakdown, plan several meals, and also, to keep him occupied, light, quiet and space-saving toys. For example ? A soft rattle, a special organic chew toy for teeth , and anything that resembles everyday objects that he likes to appropriate (fake set of keys or telephone).

Are you traveling by car? Purchase a special lambskin for a baby seat: contrary to popular belief, it insulates against the cold but also regulates heat. In addition to its soothing properties for the baby, it helps keep the baby's back dry during long summer trips because it absorbs moisture. In fact, the synthetic coverings of maxi cozy and other carrycots make him sweat. Who hasn't picked up their baby when they realized their back was soaked? However, if you turn on the air conditioning, beware of colds! Do you doubt the benefits of lambskin? Look at UGG shoes: they come from Australia, a hot country, and were designed for surfers. Go barefoot in these shoes and you will find that you don't sweat. To keep baby busy, provide a hoop on the carrycot with attached toys, or even a pacifier and bottle. But don't give him all the toys at once! Keep ammunition for the element of surprise…

Where to go with baby? Crucial issue ! For a successful vacation, avoid isolated houses that require you to take the car. Because with a baby, a car means logistics, a source of stress and annoyance. Everything must be done on foot. By the sea: Search for 'beach hotel' on Google, you will find plenty of them. But check that it is actually on the beach and not on the other side of a road. The ideal is to go in a small cove, so that baby can wade without waves. We avoid, for example, the beaches of Landes and their powerful rollers. Otherwise, you will only be able to contemplate the sea without almost ever swimming in it…

Firmaman’s advice? For plenty of sunshine in Corsica, the Hotel Le Thalass in Cargèse. Family hotel, 2 stars, unpretentious, even if the decor is not great, the hotel is very friendly and great with little ones: direct access to the beach via a barrier, toys available, corner of the beach at the shelter from the waves, ideal for babies to splash around in complete safety, evening aperitifs facing the sea and games evenings with the other residents, most families.

Another style, the 4-star Pinarello hotel in Corsica. Paris-Figari in 1h30, then 20 minutes by car. The hotel is modern, located on a beach of ultra-fine sand and turquoise water. It's not cheap, but it gives you the illusion of being in the Caribbean, 2 hours from Paris. Here too, ideal with little ones: no logistics, no car, you can stay barefoot for a week.

And if not with baby? the mountains: Very pleasant in summer with the children, and perfect for recharging the batteries! The air is invigorating, the villages are full of flowers and the presence of all the animals, from cows to horses, including sheep, will awaken your little ones to nature. Here too, we avoid the car, by choosing a drop-off point from where everything is done on foot. The essential gadget for travelers: The magical POP UP travel cot! A sort of igloo tent, which you throw into the air, and which unfolds or folds up instantly. This avoids getting upset with a heavy and bulky bed, complicated to assemble and disassemble.

What if you are traveling while breastfeeding? The right outfit: Flat ballet flats, loose pants and a nursing t-shirt. Bring a shawl or poncho , as well as a pair of wool socks, to cover yourself in case of air conditioning. Have something to snack on on hand: special organic breastfeeding snacks , fat-free organic apple chips, fruit, sweets to suck on like Tic-Tacs, etc. Little gourmet tip: Golden Straws are among the least caloric biscuits . Also remember to take a bottle of water.

After reading this, you are surely reassured: all it takes is a little organization and a few precautions to travel with complete peace of mind with your baby and have a memorable vacation!

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