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Article: Sport during pregnancy, our advice

Le sport pendant la grossesse, nos conseils
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Sport during pregnancy, our advice

For your pregnant sports session, how should you dress?

During your pregnancy, nothing prevents you from practicing low to medium impact sports. But you have to be equipped!

Firmaman recommends some leggings, bras and other essentials.

The sports bra for pregnancy and breastfeeding Two inconveniences can occur during your pregnant sports session. The first is discomfort in your regular sports bras. During the first months of pregnancy, your chest will gain one or two sizes before stabilizing. It is more than recommended to have lingerie in your size and your maternity bra is no exception to this rule: the Bravado brand manufactures pretty maternity and nursing bras. These maternity bras also have clips on the straps, allowing you to breastfeed between two yoga sessions once baby is born!

Maternity sports leggings The second discomfort during your session is of course around the stomach. Your usual sports leggings, although stretchy and elastic, can quickly become too tight. The solution is found: a wider waistband and a band on the stomach which allow your little tenant to grow while offering you the possibility of continuing your zumba sessions.

For those who have given birth and are breastfeeding, breastfeeding t-shirts and sweatshirts . for young mothers freed from any obstacles to breastfeeding! If you practice your session with baby who may be hungry, the system of press studs under the arms or discreet zips allows you to breastfeed in tadasana, without problem ☺️ Find our special sports category on our e-shop: www

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