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Article: Sport during pregnancy, the Gasquet institute

Le sport pendant la grossesse, l’institut de Gasquet

Sport during pregnancy, the Gasquet institute

For Parisians and Ile-de-France residents, Firmaman selects the right places to practice sport, adapted to future and young mothers. In our previous article, we addressed the question of sports clothing: what to wear, how to be comfortable.

In this article, we reveal a good Parisian address for practicing prenatal yoga and other low to medium impact sports. Welcome to the Gasquet Institute…

As you may know, at Firmaman, we are big admirers of Doctor Bernadette de Gasquet. In store and on our e-shop, her books on preparation for childbirth and the recovery of the body after pregnancy are available.

Doctor De Gasquet encourages the mother-to-be to be an actor in her childbirth, guiding her in the search for postures that suit her, recommending respiratory and postural exercises that protect her perineum. Too often, the mother-to-be leaves it to the medical team or trusts her instincts, imagining that the gestures and positions will come instinctively. It can happen but a little preparation never hurts.

Bernadette de Gasquet is a doctor, yoga teacher and runs her school in Paris. In her work, she combines the bodily approach, traditional knowledge and modern medicine. She has been supporting future parents for over 25 years and has trained more than half of the maternity wards in France in postural support for pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.

The Gasquet institute, located on Boulevard de Montparnasse, welcomes you for prenatal and postnatal abs and yoga sessions. It is also a school that trains osteopaths, midwives and yoga teachers.

The place is open to future and young mothers looking for a sport adapted to their needs and desires. Everyone's history and physiology are taken into account for personalized sports classes that meet your needs as closely as possible.

Postpartum classes are designed to be done directly after leaving the maternity ward, in order to adopt the right reflexes to preserve your perineum.

Beforehand, the prenatal yoga and abdominal classes ensure that you practice with professionals and experts on the body during pregnancy for a physical activity adapted to your needs.

Be careful to book carefully because these courses are in high demand! Information: .

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