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Article: The tradition of the pregnancy bola seen by Ilado

La tradition du bola de grossesse vue par Ilado

The tradition of the pregnancy bola seen by Ilado

A few years ago, Sandra created Ilado.
Shortly after, Naïs joined her. Ilado brings up to date the ancestral Mayan tradition of the pregnancy bola.
The pregnancy bola is a pendant that is worn during pregnancy: a ball emits musical vibrations , a light ringing, which soothes the future mother and allows you to connect and communicate with the baby. Once the baby is born, the gentle sound of the pregnancy bola reminds the baby of the warmth and security of his mother's belly and helps calm him.
Some mothers sew the pregnancy bola into their child's comfort blanket, so Naïs and Sandra created the Ilado comfort blanket , in which the bola continues to emit sounds.
Sandra wore a pregnancy bola and created Ilado to share this tradition, which brings serenity and communication in this sometimes tormented period that pregnancy can represent.
Naïs is a trained jeweler, she uses noble materials: silk, 18-carat gold plated or fine stones. Just as the wedding ring symbolizes marriage, the bola represents the unique moment of the arrival of a baby. It's a sublime gift to give to a mother-to-be, available on

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