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Article: Perineal rehabilitation: best apps and advice

La rééducation du périnée : meilleures applis et conseils

Perineal rehabilitation: best apps and advice

The perineum is the entire region of your body that is somewhat upset during pregnancy. The hips move away, the pelvis widens to allow your baby to pass, and the muscular assembly of the perineum, extending from the pubis to the coccyx, undergoes a certain metamorphosis.

After giving birth, it is advisable to be aware of all the inconveniences that this may cause: pelvic pain, incontinence, or loss of sensation during sexual intercourse... Don't panic though! Perineal rehabilitation exists.

Unfortunately, for various reasons of time and mobility, too few women take on this task. Geisha balls, vaginal cones, pilates accessories, all these accessories aim to re-muscle the perineum.

We don't yet sell them at Firmaman, but don't hesitate to let us know in the comments if you think it would be a good idea. For us, therefore, the young mother is at the heart of our concerns - there are quite enough world to think about the baby - we therefore emphasize as much as we can on this need to listen to your body and know how to provide it with the necessary support in the postpartum phase.

Here we present to you step by step our advice so that your perineum can experience your pregnancy as best as possible. Medical monitoring is recommended, our accessories and applications complement rehabilitation sessions.

During pregnancy: The support belt. As the months go by, the pregnant woman carries an increasingly heavy baby. Your body and back may become accustomed to poor posture by compensating for the imbalance that causes your torso to move forward. As a result, this pregnancy belt will both correct your positions and support your organs. Your lower back will thank you. The perineum is thus protected, because the weight is reduced.

The Physiomat support belt is available in store and on Anita's BabySherpa model is a must-have.

After pregnancy: A postnatal girdle is ideal: the first weeks are at risk for the perineum, back and abdominal muscles which are not adapted to the sudden “vacuum”, so support is welcome.

The sheath panties from Anita or the soft sheath from Belly Bandit hold the mother's belly without suffocating her. These postnatal girdles, pleasant to wear, will help you get over that feeling of relaxation typical of a young mother. To support and relieve the perineum, this sheath is ideal.

Rehabilitation applications: Many are imagined by mothers wishing to raise awareness on this issue, and in order to make exercises accessible to young, busy mothers who have difficulty finding time for themselves.

Here are some of them: My perineum Kegel coach , Cat Kegel Aerobics, the Gasquet method , For many, the exercises are varied: in image, in audio, or in video, they allow you to practice very easily, at home. There is also the reminder functionality which is ideal for not forgetting your workout of the day. We recommend downloading several of them in order to choose the one that suits you best, particularly in terms of design. Sources:

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