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Article: Refined nursing tops?

top d'allaitement you&milk

Refined nursing tops?

Firmaman strives to find products that offer mothers an alternative for ever easier and, above all, prettier breastfeeding.
It is therefore with joy that we add a brand new French brand You&Milk to our catalog.
This is the story of Aurélie who found herself “picked up” by breastfeeding her first child.
She then imagines pieces other than nursing t-shirts, timeless and refined pieces, a new alternative for breastfeeding mothers with very feminine products. : nursing blouses with a decidedly bohemian style and denim , plumetis and Vichy check blouses with discreet zips for discreet breastfeeding.
With the help of her husband, she developed the brand with an eye for quality and organic cotton.
Attention to detail is part of its DNA. This is reflected in the choice of materials and finishes in order to bring modernism and femininity to all its pieces.
Their latest creation, a nursing sailor sweater , totally wowed us.
It's a new adventure that begins at Firmaman!!

You&Milk | Formilkdable men's and women's t-shirts | Organic cotton or eco-responsible materials

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