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Article: How to dress for maternity?

Comment s'habiller à la maternité?

How to dress for maternity?

And yes, when it comes to preparing your maternity suitcase , in addition to the list required by it, you sometimes wonder what to take.
Our experience as a mother has led us to reflect on this point and here is what we advise you:
- For the day: Comfortable clothes. Loose maternity pants , organic cotton maternity pajama pants, or cotton maternity leggings but don't forget the long vest , dressing gown or kimono to hide the buttocks (sanitary towels worn on the 15th days after giving birth are XXL!!!!). We don't see each other from behind, but when walking to the nursery, it's better to have something to look presentable from behind...
For those who are breastfeeding, a very soft nursing t-shirt which allows you to breastfeed discreetly without offending visitors, especially since at the beginning, as Florence Forresti says in her hilarious sketch on pregnancy, the breasts look like a map of the Ile de France road network (you will understand).
A blouse over a nursing tank top from bravado with an integrated bra will also do the trick and will allow you to feel a little chic during the day.
An ultra-stretchy comfort bra from Bravado and a night bra from Anita to adapt to the famous milk surge.
And for those who are not breastfeeding, an oversized t-shirt or an oversized blouse from Jolibump to camouflage this bottle being recovered...
- And finally, for the night, bring shorts and a large t-shirt that will go in the washing machine the next day because not only are maternity wards overheated but also, hormonal changes will bring their share of night sweats. The t-shirt does not need to be specific for breastfeeding because at night, you will be alone and will be able to lift your t-shirt without a witness other than your little baby.
So much for the advice that you can also find in Marie Perarnau's excellent column in the Maison des Maternelles

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