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Article: How to choose the right maternity jeans?

bien choisir son jean de grossesse
jean de grossesse

How to choose the right maternity jeans?

Who said maternity jeans couldn't be comfortable and feminine?
The quality of the clothing matters all the more during this particular period. No need to have a multitude of jeans (we know that this period is fleeting but, don't be fooled, it doesn't only last 9 months because your body will take the time necessary to find its way back to your usual jeans). One or two quality pieces are enough, knowing that the goal is to be able to put them back on each of your possible pregnancies.
And if there's one item that requires a little investment, it's jeans.
Make no mistake, “cheap” jeans rarely last long and, in the end, you will be dissatisfied and forced to buy them again.
At Firmaman, we have a whole range of jeans whose prices vary between 69 and 250 euros. From basic fit to refined city dweller, we definitely have the shape, color and price that suits you!
The Sophia Jeans from the Dutch brand LOVE2WAIT , as its name suggests, are ultra stretchy, comfortable and trendy, equipped with a stretchy headband wrapping the babybump. The essential basic!
Price: 69 euros .
Pietro Brunelli is an Italian brand with which Firmaman has been collaborating for 20 years. It offers several types of maternity jeans (ultra stretch skinny , mom , boyfriend, flare, wide leg). All have an elastic, flexible and comfortable low waist belt of impeccable quality. The absence of a large headband makes it a perfect ally for summer and for the post-pregnancy period. Made in Italy. Price: 145 euros.
Paige jeans, an iconic American brand adopted by all self-respecting fashionistas, count Kate Moss and Katy Perry as fans. With its discreet elastics on the sides suitable for pregnancy, it opens and closes like real jeans with a button and a zipper. Ultra stretch, ultra comfortable and perfect for post-pregnancy. Price: 250 euros.

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