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Article: The benefits of the maternity and breastfeeding necklace, a real gem

collier d'allaitement cadeau de naissance

The benefits of the maternity and breastfeeding necklace, a real gem

This is the news of the week !

Firmaman welcomes the pretty brand of teething jewelry, wearing and breastfeeding ,MintyWendy.

Those who have a baby aged 0 to 12 months know the appeal that the necklaces and bracelets that mom wears can represent and which become essential elements for their curiosity but also for to hold on , with this want everything chew ! Your hair, your glasses, your watch ... everything interests him and becomes a real field of exploration.

This is the reason why you will have to put away your jewelry for a few months . personally to prevent little chubby hands from breaking them or hurting themselves with them.

The solution _ ? These are the jewels of mothering which have emerged in recent years .

As the very pretty French brand , MintyMendy, created in 2015 which , since then , has largely contributed to the democratization of this product. Jewelry that is both chic and feminine , unbreakable and safe because it is non - toxic ( they are made of food grade silicone ) neither for the baby nor for the mother . They can therefore be put in the mouth without risk and will also be useful during the famous teething.

Malleable, colorful and soft, they all have different shapes . Choose them according to your tastes and why not in accordance with your wardrobe ! They help us create moments of complicity around discovery , play and the pleasure of the senses.

No more hassle of waiting rooms , _ _ train or plane journeys to make your baby wait , the solution is there !

The _ The MintyWendy breastfeeding necklace is therefore the ideal birth gift for the young mother , as you will have understood .

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