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Article: Fashion news: the return of velvet this winter

Mode actu : le retour du velours cet hiver

Fashion news: the return of velvet this winter

In fall-winter, velvet remains timeless. The secret lies in the choice of material. As elegant on women as on men, velvet is making a comeback this winter.

In general, we wear velvet for three good reasons: it goes with any type of clothing, it is trendy during all seasons and it has a vintage side.

For this winter, we have reserved a maternity wardrobe for you with velvet as a centerpiece.

How to wear velvet in winter?

Just because the fabric is velvet doesn't mean you'll immediately think it will be difficult to wear during your pregnancy. On the contrary, wide-legged velvet maternity pants specially designed for pregnancy will be the ideal ally to stay fashionable. Difficult to wear and match? Think again ! Velvet is completely easy to wear when the colors match well and, above all, when you feel like you're on top of fashion. For example, if you opt for corduroy maternity pants , choose a thin maternity turtleneck or a blouse combined with a pair of ankle boots, derbies or pumps for an elegant and stylish maternity look, a chunky sweater in maternity knit for a weekend look by the fire or a maternity sweatshirt or hoodie with a pair of sneakers for an urban and urban look. With these few extra tips, this winter will be warm and stylish.

With a print

For those who usually like to wear prints, now is the right time to bring out your most beautiful collections. Indeed, velvet goes perfectly with prints because of its neutral yet chic texture. Print is a colorful, patterned style of clothing, ideal on neutrals. For example, you can wear rust-colored velvet pants with a blue and pink patterned blouse. You can put it all together with a jacket, the match is perfect! With such a stylish look, be sure to have a warm winter this year.

With trendy accessories

This time, we're focusing on accessories! What better way to be at the forefront of fashion with a bag, pretty earrings and a necklace to bring out your favorite fabric which is velvet.

To finalize your look, put on a gold multi-strand necklace and small curls of the same color, or a long necklace such as the very pretty maternity bolas from the French brand Ildao. Complete the accessories with an elegant leather handbag and be sure to turn heads.

Remember, the goal is to stay warm while preserving your elegance as a mother-to-be.

How to choose the color for a velvet look?

In fashion, we have all had the same problem: combining colors in an outfit. It is also one of the first rules in terms of clothing.

With beige corduroy maternity pants , opt for a beige or camel sweater which adds softness or black which goes with all combinations. Navy blue? Opt for a purple, red, fuchsia, emerald green sweater or a beautiful white shirt to add pep to your outfit.

With gray velvet maternity pants, yellow, ecru or white to bring light or black for a more discreet look.

As for camel, the strong color of autumn, your caramel velvet maternity pants will go just as well with light blue, ecru or beige.

As for our topic, wearing velvet in winter is in the news right now. The secret lies entirely in the material of your fabric and the colors. For this year, ecru and golden shades such as rust or caramel are the most fashionable. If you are passionate about more neutral colors, navy blue and anthracite are still trendy.

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