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Article: Breastfeeding: benefits, perception and appropriate clothing

Allaitement maternel : avantages, perception et vêtements appropriés

Breastfeeding: benefits, perception and appropriate clothing

From the first days, your baby needs to breastfeed and grow healthy. His daily life consists of playing, sleeping, being surrounded by love and above all, eating healthily. From birth to baby's first two years, breast milk could be their main food. Indeed, lactation fully contributes to its growth. Today, mothers are advised to breastfeed their babies until they are three years old or at least until their first six months. At the beginning of the seventh month, the mother can carry out mixed breastfeeding by alternating breast milk with powdered milk from a bottle.

According to a survey, more than 70% of mothers stop breastfeeding due to lack of time, insufficient milk production, fatigue and difficulty breastfeeding.

In this article, we encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies, to change their perception of breast milk and help them dress well during this period.

Exclusive breastfeeding: what are its advantages?

In addition to its contribution to baby's growth, breast milk is firstly a complete food. Thus, it provides adequate nutrients to allow a child to develop all his abilities. The advantages of exclusive breastfeeding are numerous, including:

Strengthening immunity

Since breast milk is a food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, it is therefore the complete meal that protects the child against various diseases. From birth to the last drop, feedings produce protective milk against infections, diarrhea, syndromes, excess weight and harmful germs that can make baby sick.

Protection for the mother

Much more than a food, breastfeeding also protects the mother against diseases. In fact, breastfeeding your child helps reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and, above all, breast or uterine cancer.

An intense mother-child bond

When you breastfeed your child, you can't help but watch him feed and tell yourself that this little being is yours. This intimacy between mother and baby is the most intense feeling in the world. The bond and skin-to-skin contact allow you to maintain a good relationship between you and baby

Which perception should we move towards?

As soon as the child is born, the maternal breasts produce milk called “colostrum”. It is usually yellow in color and rich in vitamins as well as antibodies. This milk is the most important element in the growth of the breastfed infant. He brings him everything he needs. Which is the complete opposite of old sayings.

Currently, it is this perception that mothers must turn to. One where the growth and well-being of the newborn are more important than cultures chronicling breastfeeding. UNICEF continues to encourage breastfeeding, because it provides them with a better standard of living.

What clothes to breastfeed?

This is never a real problem for mothers as the fashion world is constantly evolving. Today we create a wide range of clothing designed for breastfeeding women, in which they will feel more comfortable to better breastfeed their child. Among these, we cite:

Nursing bras

You will avoid underwired nursing bras during the first month of breastfeeding and in particular when your milk comes in. You will then need stretchy and ultra-comfortable nursing bras and bras that can adapt to breast fluctuations. Once breastfeeding is well established and you return to a social life, nothing will stop you from opting for more glamorous and sexy nursing bras , with or without underwire, with sophisticated details.

Clothes that make you feel good

The fashion around breastfeeding has grown considerably in recent years. Slightly oversized nursing t-shirts after childbirth are welcome. Often equipped with zippers on the sides, they will allow you to breastfeed discreetly without showing your belly or your breasts.

The same goes for nursing sweatshirts or hoodies that allow you to breastfeed even when it's chilly. They are also equipped with systems such as zips to breastfeed your baby quietly and discreetly.

And for those who breastfeed for a long time, everyday nursing dresses and even evening dresses will allow them to breastfeed in all circumstances.

What accessories for breastfeeding?

Indeed, there are a multitude of useful accessories for peaceful breastfeeding.

Nursing shells, useful for relieving irritated nipples and providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Nursing cushions, to find the right positions and protect your back.

Washable pads to keep nipples dry and prevent cracks.

Organic herbal teas that help promote lactation.

Nursing necklaces that allow your baby to stay focused and prevent him from clinging to your jewelry, your hair and anything else he can get his hands on.

The caravan bag changing bag from Loveradius which also serves as a breastfeeding cushion.

The baby carrier from Love radius or the baby carrier from Mamahangs which allows you to breastfeed hands-free!!!

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