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Article: Firmaman in La Maison des Maternelles: clothes with double use

Firmaman dans La Maison des Maternelles : les vêtements à double emploi

Firmaman in La Maison des Maternelles: clothes with double use

For Les Maternelles, the show dedicated to maternity and parenthood, Marie Perarnau tests maternity initiatives, creations and clothes.

This week, she asked us for advice on two products that we really like.

The first is the Easy maternity pants from Boob Design : fluid, comfortable, soft maternity pants, a real ally for the last months of pregnancy. Having maternity pants to “chill” on Sundays at home in front of Netflix is ​​important! We love that it is eco-responsible, made of lyocell, for incomparable flexibility of the fabric and quality. Tested and approved by mothers from the first months to maternity, because being tight in your jeans during pregnancy is out of the question!

Marie then presents an essential product that many mothers learn about too late, special post-natal cesarean panties . Upspring's post-cesarean panties come in a high or low version and are seamless. A piece of medical silicone at the scar site allows the wound to heal in the open air, without dressings or fibers. Post cesarean panties provide gentle pressure to reduce swelling and support the incision area. Support and control of edema means more comfort for the already hard-pressed young mother. To find these two pregnancy essentials, go to and in store!

The kindergarten program can be found here. Thank you Marie!

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