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Article: Choose the right nursing lingerie and Firmaman in the Maison des Maternelles!

Bien choisir sa lingerie d’allaitement et Firmaman dans la Maison des Maternelles !
agathe lecaron

Choose the right nursing lingerie and Firmaman in the Maison des Maternelles!

Our bras have been on TV! And it must be said that they are videogenic.

Staged in the Maison des Maternelles on France 5 by Marie Perarnau, super entrepreneur / school teacher / mothers / columnist / blogger (Marie, when do you sleep?), our bras made the show!

Subject of the column: choosing the right nursing lingerie.

Marie rightly emphasizes the importance of seeking advice, particularly regarding your size. We usually add a cup and a chest measurement to your usual size but this can vary depending on the brand, the woman... From the 8th month, therefore, you can choose your nursing bra. And then, it can quickly become a Koh-Lantesque ordeal – minus the sun, the beach and the coconut trees. Before you panic, set your priority. Your swollen chest and sore breasts will certainly make you want comfort.

So the best thing is to go for models without underwire, stretchy, anti-humidity. The two brands to find refuge with: Anita and Bravado.

The Anita brand is the dean of nursing bras. 50 years of experience have built its reputation.

Marie presents two basic models with clips on the strap for wide and easy access to the breast:

The micro-fiber bra – breathable and moisture-wicking – soft, super comfortable, super stretchy, super hyper! It is available in black, white and nude up to cup F. Price: €40

The Miss Anita padded bra – be careful, we didn’t say padded! It's the brand's latest addition. Same as the previous one: stretchy, without underwire, comfortable, the support is impeccable. It is available in black, white and nude, up to cup F. Price: €50

The Body Silk bra , without underwire and without seams, hyper stretchy with very good support. One of our best sellers at Firmaman. It comes in lots of colors: nude, chocolate, white, pink, black and turmeric. Price: 49.90.

Marie adds two models to her selection for lace lovers. Wire-free lace bras from Cache-Coeur. The Lollypop , Mosaic and Iris models will delight those who want more refined models. Important clarification: the breast is not in contact with the lace but with a micro-fiber lining so as not to be irritated.

Marie explains it, for the night, we prefer bras . The support is less strong and the staples do not bother you.

The “Soft and Seamless” bra , by Anita: soft, without seams, it is flexible but provides real support. It exists in white and black, from S to XL. Price: €22

The Ballet bra from Bravado, crossed in front for easy opening, is lined in cotton on the inside, thecotton racerback bra from Bravado, fitted with clips, is also very pleasant.

Perfect compromise between a bra and a bra, it is soft and comfortable.

Oeko-Tex certified, these nursing bras and bras are manufactured with respect for the environment.

A huge thank you to the Maison des Maternelles and to Marie, find the column here: Cheers!

Find the show on this link:

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