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Article: Pregnant and sexy with Hotmilk maternity bras

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Pregnant and sexy with Hotmilk maternity bras

It's the new thing of the week!

The New Zealand brand Hotmilk arrives in our lingerie corner at Firmaman.

Created by Lisa Ebbing, Hotmilk aims to be avant-garde and offers high-end products with, as a philosophy, the celebration and autonomy of women through a sensual and creative approach.

Designed by mothers for mothers, Hotmilk's priority is comfort, support and well-being. The fabrics, materials and accessories are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, of superior quality. In detail, soft cup liners, minimal seams, graduated straps and additional hooks at the back of the bra.
For example, a standard bra will come with three hook and eye adjustments; All maternity and nursing bras feature six hooks and eyes to allow the band to be extended during pregnancy as baby grows, then the option to tighten it once baby is born.

We have selected three models of Hotmilk underwired maternity and nursing bras, for those who like to have firm support and a sexy look.
The advantage of a "flexi-wire" is that it does not exert the same pressure on your chest as a standard underwired bra, but still offers unrivaled support.
The True Luxe model is stunningly beautiful! Its double straps give it a glamorous side, its lace a sexy side and its fitted cut will be perfect for flawless support. In addition, its nude, slightly peach color will be ideal with all your outfits.

The Heroine model, in black lace, is also ultra-sexy, with its double straps and gold magnetic clips for a touch of sophistication.

And finally, the Lunar Eclipse model offers a very Madonna look and a stunning neckline.

Model without underwire, Ambition is more classic, triangle shape, with very pretty details like the bands under the chest and the hook which allows the straps to be gathered in the back for a push-up effect but also able to wear dresses or tank tops without the straps sticking out.
A bra without underwire is particularly recommended during the first weeks of breastfeeding and when your breasts are sensitive.

So it’s not because you’re pregnant or a young mother that you simply have to wear basics and put your femininity aside, we tell you!
Even if it's a complicated period in a woman's life during which the body changes and we no longer really know how to dress... At Firmaman, we put all our energy into helping pregnant women to have confidence in themselves. them by selecting quality, well-cut clothing and lingerie.

Hotmilk is sensuality and comfort now available at Firmaman!

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