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Article: Ensuring a Balanced Diet during Pregnancy

Assurer une Alimentation Équilibrée pendant la Grossesse

Ensuring a Balanced Diet during Pregnancy

Ok, pregnant ladies, get ready to be the master chefs of your own culinary adventure, pregnancy! Here's how to whip up a nutritious feast for you and your little surprise guest, with a pinch of humor:

Ingredients for a Successful Pregnancy:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables - What if we called it the “super cocktail of vitamins for babies”? Eat at least 5 servings per day, whether as an accompaniment to your meals or as snacks. Make sure to wash them well to prevent baby from becoming a toxoplasmosis fan.

  2. Starchy Foods – Do you want to resist snacking? Let's go ! Include bread, cereals, potatoes and legumes in your meals. Vary the pleasures with rice, pasta, semolina, and much more.

  3. Milk and Dairy Products - It's time to feed the future skeleton superstar! Three times a day, opt for natural dairy products, less fatty if possible. If cow's milk isn't your cup of tea (literally), calcium-rich mineral water or fortified soy products may do the trick.

  4. Fish, Meat and Eggs - This is where baby fills up on vitamin D, iron and iodine to become a genius. Eat once a day (twice maximum), but don't let them monopolize your plate! And don't forget two fish per week, at least one of which is fatty. Salmon, mackerel, and anchovies await you!

  5. Water - Forget lemonade, water is on the menu! Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to keep the party hydrated.

Foods to Avoid – Don’t spoil the party with these unwanted intruders:

  1. Alcohol - It's the baby's party, but leave him out of it.

  2. Raw or Undercooked Fish, Seafood - We don't want your baby to become acquainted with toxoplasmosis, no thank you!

  3. Raw Eggs and Unpasteurized Dairy Products - Please, no salmonella at this party!

  4. Raw Sprouts – Leave them off the food dance floor.

Extras - Some special guests who are welcome, but in moderation:

  1. Sweet Products - Such as sweet drinks, pastries, ice cream and chocolate. A little sweetness for morale, but without making it an orgy!

  2. Added Fats - Choose vegetable fats so that baby is a slender little angel.

  3. Salt - A pinch, not an ocean. And if possible, iodized salt for an iodized flavor.

  4. Stimulating Drinks – Coffee and tea, in moderation. We don't want baby to dance samba all night.

  5. Sweetened Drinks – Save them for rainy days, or at least not every day of pregnancy!

So there you have it, get ready to be the star chef of your own cooking show, with baby as the most demanding food critic. Enjoy your food !

Food Supplements: When are they on the Menu?

  1. Close Pregnancies : After giving birth to a bunch of babies in a short period of time, your body might feel like a wrung out sponge when it comes to certain vitamins. In these cases, dietary supplements become your personal superheroes.

  2. Vegetarian Moms : If you have chosen the vegetarian diet, congratulations! But sometimes you have to fight a little harder to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Supplements can be your allies in this adventure.

  3. Vegan Moms : Now, if you are a vegan mom, you have said goodbye to all animal products. It's like a diet in super challenge mode! To avoid becoming the specter of a hungry mother, food supplements are there to save the day.

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