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Article: Nursing shells: the natural and pain-free solution

coquillage d'allaitement naturel

Nursing shells: the natural and pain-free solution

This is the news of the week ! Firmaman welcomes nursing shells 100 % natural from the French brand Irréversible.

 They are beautiful ! They smell like hot sand ! Or almost ...

So, what is a breastfeeding shell ? ? This tradition , originally from Norway , dates from the Viking era. Nurse mothers used them to protect and soothe irritated nipples. In Europe, this technique has since been strongly recommended by many midwives and lactation consultants.

The principle : Carefully selected according to calibrations and polished for a very soft contact , the nursing shells create a barrier between the breasts and the bra , thus reducing friction . Their flared shape also prevents overproduction of milk outside of breastfeeding and cycle ups .

Not only do they provide comfort, soothing and protection, but the mother-of-pearl gives an immediate sensation of freshness and softness on sore nipples.

In practice, after feeding, Generously spread a few drops of your milk on your nipples. Place the nursing shells on the inside of the bra which keeps them in place .

In the event of leaks, the milk is collected in the shells , which will prevent you from staining your clothes. In addition , the healing and soothing action of breast milk provides all its effectiveness. on dry and cracked nipples .

In case of heavy discharge, we recommend using breast pads over the shells .

After use, simply simply rinse them with warm water and mild soap before next use.

It is also possible to wear them as soon as you feel the need: discomfort, sensitivity on the nipples, etc. But, on the other hand , We do not recommend them at night because the pressure exerted on the nipples could cause milk to flow.

The natural , zero-waste and eco-friendly solution !


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