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Article: When and how to announce your pregnancy?

Quand et comment annoncer sa grossesse ? 

When and how to announce your pregnancy?

To his darling, to his family, to his friends, to his employer?


Has your gynecologist just confirmed that your pregnancy test is positive? Congratulations ! For future parents , many questions must be answered: how to announce a pregnancy, whether to your loved one, friends, family members and the employer, when to announce your pregnancy to your boss , etc.? Here are some ideas and practical tips on these topics.

The ideal time to announce your pregnancy

Every pregnant woman acts in her own way! Some women prefer to announce this happy event to as many people as possible as soon as possible after its confirmation. Others, for their part, exclusively take their best friend, their best friend or their mother into the confidence or enjoy their little secret alone so as not to announce their pregnancy officially until a later date. Certainly, your husband is normally and quickly informed. However, some pregnant women only wish to make an announcement of the pregnancy after the T1 ultrasound result . The latter occurs between the eleventh and thirteenth weeks of amenorrhea . For many women who are future mothers or already mothers , this certainly marks the start of pregnancy . So, you begin preparing for childbirth and buy, if you want, everything you need for the baby: pacifier, little slippers, baby bottles, cuddly toy, pacifiers, maternity suitcase, etc. 

How and to whom should you ideally announce your pregnancy?

Announcing your pregnancy to your employer: without compulsory formalities

When to announce the pregnancy to the boss ? At any time, during the months of pregnancy or during your weeks of pregnancy , you can inform your boss of your pregnancy status . If you are pregnant , this state must be medically justified by a medical certificate. In reality, you can wait until the third trimester , more precisely the seventh month, to make it official that you are pregnant , but anticipation creates advantages. In reality, a pregnant employee cannot enjoy conventional and legal rights without officially declaring her pregnancy to her employer, including:

  • Protection against dismissal;
  • authorized absences for compulsory pregnancy follow-up medical examinations with the attending physician ;
  • more favorable working conditions: reduction in daily working hours , teleworking, etc.;
  • reassignment.

What about the formalities to follow?

The Labor Code does not require anything regarding the formalities for announcing this good news to your employer. You can inform him, either in writing or verbally. However, the ideal is to combine these two approaches:

  • make an appointment with your superiors to announce it orally,
  • at the same time, announce your pregnancy by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in which you mention the date of departure on maternity leave , the end date of maternity leave and the probable date of delivery . You attach to this letter the medical certificate attesting to your pregnancy.

To avoid mishaps during the weeks of pregnancy, cover yourself with Cocoon health insurance .

The husband and the pregnancy

The husband or future father is the first person concerned by your pregnancy. It is therefore important that he is introduced to it before any other individual. It is best to take the time to draw inspiration from one or many ideas and thus prepare the most personal and wonderful announcement possible. Here are some ideas for informing your husband about your pregnancy , in an original way .

Pregnancy: a better opportunity to talk to your parents or in-laws about your creativity

Surely, you are in a hurry to inform in particular your father and your mother, who will also be the future grandparents , about the good news. Of course, there are different original ways to reveal the news. Still, you need to make sure your ideas suit your parents.

 Personalized cards

You state in the personalized card the arrival of a baby in the coming months. In case your baby is on the way during Christmas time, opt for a homemade scratch card to announce the good news . Here are some examples of text to insert into your card for future grandparents .

Simple balloons

Announce the arrival of the future baby in the family using the balloon. This solution is original given its surprise effect. Go to your parents' house when they are away from home with boxes full of balloon garlands and hang a customizable card containing little words on the cords . Certainly, this original idea creates strong emotions.

Announcing your pregnancy to your friends

Think carefully before announcing your pregnancy to close friends . A good way to make this happy event known is to announce it to them separately by telephone or to announce it to all friends, around a meal.

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