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Article: What are the new sports for pregnant women?

Quels sont les nouveaux sports pour les femmes enceintes ?

What are the new sports for pregnant women?

More of a sports fan, have you wondered if physical exercises during pregnancy are beneficial? Well yes ! Sport is recommended for future mothers because it has a positive effect on the mother's physical and mental health, as well as the baby's mobility. Everything is calculated in frequency and intensity. There is a whole range of sporting activities to practice in moderation during this period.

What are the new sports for pregnant women?

In addition to being fun, the following new sports for future mothers have many advantages in store for you.

The Fit Ballet Baby Bump

This is the Fit ballet version adapted to pregnant women . Apart from the jump sequences, the basis of the exercises is the same. This gentler version consists of performing stretches on the ground, using the joints and muscles of the arm. The practice of Fit Ballet Baby Bump is accessible to a pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy. At Fit-Ballet , created by Octavie Escure, there is a module for the Fit Ballet Baby Bump, in small groups and one with personalized monitoring, during pregnancy but also after. You will be able to exchange advice between future and new Fit'Ballet Mums! Among the offers, there are studio classes but also online course offerings.


Prenatal Yoga

This session helps the pregnant woman to live peacefully during her pregnancy. It is performed according to specific postures and accompanied by a series of breathing exercises and meditation. Stimulating the mother's muscles, prenatal yoga above all provides a feeling of relaxation. The training normally focuses on the muscles of the perineum, improving their flexibility in order to facilitate childbirth. If you are prone to untimely shortness of breath, prenatal yoga will be your best ally. The series of conscious breaths allows you to oxygenate well and help your baby thrive.

Today there are many pre and postnatal yoga offerings.

Some are specialized in pregnancy, such as the courses given by Bernadette de Gasquet (also a trainer), a pioneer in the field of pregnant women and young mothers, or Studio Bloom , a pioneer of Online courses, which has developed a specific method for pregnant women and young mothers.

Fly Yoga

Fly Yoga© is an easy practice for pregnant women. It is a completely new yoga practice which consists of performing gestures and movements with support on the ground thanks to the Yoga Fly© Hammock. In addition to relaxing the back muscles, this innovative tool improves the mobility of the pelvis and that of the baby. In Paris, the Fly-Yoga studio provides pre and postnatal classes developed with a Physiotherapist and midwife.


It's the perfect sport because it literally involves cycling through water. This activity is practiced during classes for pregnant women. It is a complete exercise that works the muscles of the back and legs. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and burns excess calories that cause excess weight. Aquabiking allows reasonable energy expenditure. But beware ! This sport is not recommended for people with cases of high blood pressure or cervical opening.

Prenatal dance

This dance is inspired by oriental dances. Made up of sequences specially designed for pregnant women, it alleviates chronic pain linked to pregnancy. Practicing this sport softens the pelvis area and relaxes the joints while considerably stimulating blood circulation. There too, quite a few offerings in the studio or online. At Danse Prenatale , you will find mama dance programs for each stage of your pregnancy.

Fit Training

For Fit Training fans, it is possible to continue your activity during your pregnancy, but in an adapted way. On this site you will find advice from a mother as well as a fitness program for pregnant women . This physical activity is based on strengthening the muscles and cardio. Between squats, walking, running, ball exercises, weight training, etc., the intensity should be moderated depending on the stage of pregnancy. Circuit Training, or Fit Training, is the ideal sport for improving the cardio-respiratory system, generally used during childbirth.

Which sports at which stages of pregnancy?

In the first trimester

During this period, the pregnant woman can practice sports exercises but at a more moderate pace, and for 15 to 30 minutes per day. Swimming and aquagym are also recommended during this stage of pregnancy. However, avoid tiring yourself to prevent miscarriage.

From the fourth to the eighth month

Gymnastics can be practiced from the fourth month of pregnancy. Indeed, the center of gravity of the woman's body changes from this period. It is therefore important to favor light activities that do not require too much movement. Recommended: prenatal yoga, aquagym, swimming pool, walking, etc. Exercise regularly 3 to 5 days a week to keep your energy up. From the eighth month, rest and relaxation are essential.

What are the benefits of sport practiced during pregnancy?

A sedentary lifestyle for the mother-to-be is never recommended for her physical health and that of the baby. The World Health Organization encourages the practice of sport among pregnant women, because it improves the body's statics, the respiratory and muscular system. Practicing sport helps strengthen the immune system and stimulates intestinal functions, while inactivity and obesity are the causes of colon cancer. Physical activity also has benefits for the mental health of the mother-to-be, by reducing stress and anxiety. Sport strengthens the emotional bond between the mother-to-be and her baby. However, the advice of your doctor is essential to better ensure the physical activities that suit you best.

Resumption of regular physical exercises after childbirth allows women to maintain their figure and regain their femininity. What's better than being able to fit into your jeans after nine months of pregnancy?

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