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Article: Maternity pants, why should you choose them wisely?

Le pantalon de maternité, pourquoi faut il bien le choisir?

Maternity pants, why should you choose them wisely?

It is also the most technical piece in terms of cutting and manufacturing. So no, you shouldn't skimp on the price, even if it means saving on other pieces like tops.
  • Why is this so important?
Because you will be wearing 1, 2 or 3 pairs of pants throughout your pregnancy and a poor quality product will quickly relax, which will affect your figure and force you to constantly pull it up. It will not withstand machine washing well and will not have the expected comfort until the end of the pregnancy (or almost, depending on the case).
  • But also, dear pregnant women and for those who are pregnant for the first time, no no no, you will not put your maternity pants in the closet after giving birth.
You will wear them for at least 2 months after giving birth, while your pelvis recovers. This is why it is important to have maternity pants quality. Because even if you had to abandon him the last month, you will be happy to find him once you have given birth.
  • At Firmaman, our 20 years of expertise have allowed us to see straight away if a pair of pants is well cut.
This is why we only work with brands that have also acquired experience with suitable cuts and materials. Our main suppliers of pants are Italian brands whose quality of fabrics and cuts ensure the pregnant woman has a perfect fit.

    • For those who need pants for work, chic pants are one of our best sellers.
    Cigarette cut, small cuff at the ankle, ideal length, adjustable seam under the stomach extended by a stretch headband, in navy or black, it will give you an elegant look in all circumstances. Its canvas, neither too light nor too thick, will adapt equally well in summer and winter. Another little favorite with a more affordable price and thicker fabric is the Business Pant maternity pants . With its cigarette cut tightened at the ankle, it will be perfect for cold winter days. Finally, the darling of all darlings, new this winter, are the Joshua maternity pants in Jersey Milano, a thick and stretchy Jersey. A perfect fit, absolute comfort until the last day of your pregnancy. With sneakers, moccasins, ballerinas, pumps, you can wear all the looks for all occasions.

      Its light canvas gives it an extremely feminine feeling when you move around. We feel feminine and ultra chic. It's stupid but it's true!!

          • For those who want to go beyond black pants, there are also checkered maternity pants , with Prince of Wales or houndstooth patterns that are more original and nevertheless still as elegant.

        • You choose. What if you have a doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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