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Article: How to combine pregnancy and style

enceinte stylée branchée vêtements

How to combine pregnancy and style

How to combine pregnancy and style?

Pregnancy and motherhood don't mean you have to let yourself go. With the right pieces, it's easy to maintain your femininity and elegance , while remaining comfortable. Here are some tips for the glamorous and fashionable mother-to-be that you are.

Choosing the right parts

To be pregnant and fashionable , start by choosing quality pieces . Don't just have a maternity dress , opt for models with refined materials.

Preferably opt for a scalable product that will last over time. For example, the mother-to-be dress can also be a nursing dress . It's an essential for staying stylish during maternity. This is all the more useful as you will need time to regain your figure after childbirth. This is also the case for the nursing t-shirt or the nursing sweater . They can enhance your appearance during pregnancy and be practical for breastfeeding your baby.

Maternity jeans are a basic in a pregnant woman's wardrobe. You have the choice between straight , flare , boyfriend , slim, etc. pregnant women's jeans. In addition to maternity jeans , you also have maternity pants for a more chic and professional style. Straight, cigarette, wide leg or other: maternity pants adapt to all body shapes.

In order to stay sexier , the maternity dress is a wardrobe must-have . Bodycon, line, empire or straight waist: you have something for everyone. The maternity dress is versatile. For good reason, it is essential for going to work, for every day, even for outings and events.

Learn about new trends

To stay trendy during pregnancy and even after, choosing high-end clothing is not enough. You will also need fashionable pieces . Also, stay informed of the new Made in Europe collections available in store.

For example, among the best sellers of pregnant women's dresses , you have the midi or ¾ models in addition to the maxi. Shirt dress, sweater dress or pleated dress: everyone has their own style. The key is to accept your new body shape to have a designer and sexy look, while remaining glamorous with the right pieces.

In addition to classic mom-to-be jeans , the stores also offer you overalls, ¾ ​​pants or even shorts, etc. They are ideal allies for highlighting your figure. The trend is particularly for classic blue jeans. Which doesn't stop you from showing a little originality in your style with black, gray, beige or other maternity pants .

To perfect your look with maternity jeans , don't forget the nursing top . The collection is as chic as it is practical with a V-neck, wrap, with buttons or even tank tops. They are essential basics and timeless pieces that go well with all styles.

Take care of your underwear

To look good, don't minimize your underwear. Having a good bra allows maximum support while highlighting the chest. You will then appear sexier, without being vulgar. You will also have better posture and therefore a more beautiful body shape.

Underwear also brings a little more self-esteem to the wearer. It's psychological. Opting for a luxury model is essential. You will feel more beautiful and adopt the appropriate gait and posture.

We recommend the maternity bra which will evolve into a nursing bra after childbirth. With their underwire at the front, it lifts the chest and shapes the breast perfectly. You have the choice to regain your confidence: lace, cotton, transparent or full. Choose your accessory in a larger size than normal. It will be more comfortable.

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