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Jeans Explanations

How to choose the right maternity jeans?
      Maternity jeans are a technical product that must be comfortable until maternity. At Firmaman, we select models that meet our requirements for durability and quality. To choose your maternity jeans, two options are available to you:

      - maternity jeans with a wraparound headband: When you like to have your stomach wrapped and warm, the high headband is ideal. This model is ideal for winter and less discreet than jeans without a bandeau.

      - maternity jeans with an elastic low waist: This option will suit those who want to wear a shirt and why not have their stomach exposed, in summer for example.

How do I know if my maternity jeans fit me?
      Whether with a high band or low waist, comfort is linked to the amplitude between the seam and the stomach and not between the headband/elastic and the stomach. Your reference point is the space between the belt loops and your stomach. When you try on your jeans, pull the seam to move it away from the stomach horizontally: 10 cm ensures comfort for the next 4 months, 5 cm for two months. It depends on your stage of pregnancy when you buy your jeans.

    In the last month, the concern for comfort will encourage you to favor comfortable pants, you will no longer wear jeans. However, you will not be able to put your regular jeans back on until two months after giving birth, so your maternity jeans will be very useful to you during this period.