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Article: Badmom t-shirts, fun and design

T-shirts fun cadeau naissance maman

Badmom t-shirts, fun and design

It's the new thing of the week! Welcome to Badmom , the Berlin brand that makes mothers feel good, at Firmaman.
Fed up with the perfect mother and other messages that tend to make us believe that we must be without flaws!
We fell for the offbeat humor of this label created by two sisters, Lara and Joanna, to say goodbye to the overly perfectionist image of the ideal mother and, finally, reverse the roles to be able to say: yes, we are proud of 'be bad mothers!

So, our choice first fell on the “Pause” T-shirt : because, from time to time, we would like to sit down and pass the message on to those around us.

Then the “24/7” mom sweatshirt + baby bodysuit combo , a little discreet nod to reality: devotion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

And, finally, the “Short Night” cap because, yes, the nights are so short that we could really use a little nap…

All models are in organic cotton, with a truly eco-responsible approach, sustainability and fairwear.

Small personal bonus: no, the perfect mother does not exist, except in Florence Foresti's hilarious sketch which describes this mother arriving in front of the school wearing makeup and ready at 8 a.m., suggests that parents prepare a Power Point for the next meeting parents-teachers and who, at the same time, says no to his son while calmly explaining the reason! Next door, Florence Foresti comes jogging out of bed and screams at her child under the disapproving gaze of... the perfect mother!
We know that momshaming is a common practice, whether through small, acerbic sentences (“He’s too covered,” “Are you sure he’s eaten enough?”…) or hurtful looks. And, strangely, it often comes from other moms.
I remember a plane trip during which I spent my time looking after and rocking my baby to prevent him from crying and disturbing my neighbors. And then, 5 minutes before landing, he started crying and then the machine guns were out: the neighbors looking at me with a pout of disapproval. I told myself that next time, I wouldn't go to all this trouble for their well-being!
So, I am extremely understanding for parents in this type of situation. Empathy, respect and a smile should be the key words.
A baby crying next to you on the plane, yes, it's painful but it's not the parents' fault (with the exception of those who make more noise than their children, eh!). So let's give a smile instead of a stupid comment or a mean look. Let’s show cohesion instead of comparing and judging…

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