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Article: Post-partum well-being essentials at Firmaman in La Maison des Maternelles

Les essentiels bien-être post-accouchement chez Firmaman dans La Maison des Maternelles

Post-partum well-being essentials at Firmaman in La Maison des Maternelles

On November 26, Marie Perarnau, in the Maison des Maternelles on France 5, was interested in everything that a young mother can take with her to the maternity ward and which can be useful to her during the baby's first months.

In order to cocoon and be comfortable while waiting to feel more in shape, the mother has the right to a little softness... The Boob Design pants : they are loose, they are trendy, black, they camouflage pregnancy shapes, the belly band provides support and softness... It's a great piece to have with you for the end of your pregnancy and for childbirth. Comfort is the key word! Available at Price: €65.

The physiomat support belt : Highly recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians, this belt helps reduce the hips, repositions the back, maintains the pelvic area. It can be worn over or under clothing, and is very discreet. Impeccable for re-sculpting your silhouette and rebalancing the perineum. Price: 29.90 euros.

TheTajine Banane nursing t-shirt: Our favorite of the season is this brand of cotton nursing t-shirts made in Europe, designed by a designer from La Rochelle. Alison worked with artists for fun and trendy prints, on a loose white t-shirt model. Impeccable for discreet breastfeeding. Available . Price: €48.

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