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Article: Traveling comfortably while pregnant?

Voyager enceinte confortablement ?

Traveling comfortably while pregnant?

How important it is to be comfortable in your clothes and underwear when traveling while pregnant!! Whether for the train, the plane but also the car, the mother-to-be will have to avoid the pitfalls of panties that have become too tight and slide under the belly, the waistband of the pants that crushes, the tiny bra that compresses, the elastic socks that get stuck, sweaters that scratch, skinny jeans that make your legs swell, etc. etc.

What clothes to travel while pregnant while being comfortable?
The socks :
- Ultra-soft wide maternity pants , with high headband
- Wrap-around, seamless maternity leggings

Dresses and jumpsuits:
- Oversized stretch maternity overalls
- A maternity dress in jersey or soft knit

Essential underwear:
- High panties or high maternity boxers : the mother-to-be's belly will be wrapped, held and without seams under the belly to ensure absolute comfort when seated.
- A maternity bra or a bra without underwire
- A thin, stretchy t-shirt , long with gathers on the sides to prevent drafts from below.

The accessories:
- A soft sweater or hoodie
- A scarf (personally, I always have a soft sweater and a scarf when traveling and which can also serve as a headrest)
- Sneakers and even slippers in his bag.
- A pair of socks that do not tighten the ankles.
- A pregnancy belt to support the stomach in prolonged standing positions.

To avoid when you are pregnant:
- Skinny jeans (unless they are wide leg or straight leg maternity jeans with lots of stretch and a high bandeau).
- Normal leggings or jogging pants, not suitable for pregnancy. Once seated, the seams or elastics do not fit well and slide under the stomach which is very uncomfortable.
- The underwired bra is too tight. Choose models that are 100% without underwire (or even on the sides), including for very generous breasts.

You are now ready to travel in the best conditions!

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