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Childbirth today

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Birth is an encounter marked by an explosion of emotions and the emergence of sometimes contradictory feelings. Over time, medicine has sought to better and better preserve the safety of mother and child at the time of birth.
But today, faced with certain criticisms from women who want to be active participants in their childbirth, birth professionals are re-evaluating and modifying their practices. This book gives numerous examples so that a real dialogue can be established between midwives and those who have given birth.

Indeed, as the term approaches, future parents inevitably wonder: what type of contractions should motivate us to come to the emergency room? What are the first medical procedures performed when we arrive at the maternity ward? How to create quality links with the medical team? How is my baby experiencing childbirth? How to overcome the pain of the first contractions? How to deal with anxieties and fears? When should you fear a cesarean section? What is an episiotomy? How to deal with an unexpected birth?

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Childbirth today Sale price€17,95