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Swaddling sleeping bag 0-3 months

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Color:Mouse grey

Swaddling has always had benefits for babies, it is even very often recommended until the child is around 3 months old, until he can turn around.

At Firmaman, we select the best for you, and that is why we decided to offer you the Tante Reine swaddling sleeping bag! The fabrics making it up have been carefully selected to ensure optimal softness for your baby, and natural elasticity allowing the baby's upper body to move limitedly.

100% organic cotton OEKO TEX labeled GOTS - Measurement: 55 cm in length (to be taken into account from the shoulders to the bottom of the body) and 29 cm in width - Machine wash at 30°C - Do not tumble dry - Iron reverse if necessary - Designed in France and made with love in Europe - Double slider to change your baby while leaving him swaddled.

The benefits of swaddling:

- A secure baby: Nestled in a blanket, baby rediscovers the sensations he felt in mom's womb. He is warm and he feels safe. Very often, swaddling helps reduce crying.

- Better sleep for baby: While sleeping, baby may startle and make uncontrolled movements which will wake him up. This is called the Moro reflex. Awakened suddenly, baby often starts to cry and has difficulty going back to sleep. Swaddling helps reduce these startles and contains them. Baby sleeps better… and so do you.

- Relieved colic: Another benefit of swaddling: a reduction in colic, thanks to the reasonable pressure of the fabric on the baby's stomach. He tolerates these stomach pains better and fidgets less.

Gigoteuse d'emmaillotage 0-3 mois FIRMAMAN
Swaddling sleeping bag 0-3 months Sale price€56,90