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Cherry hot water bottle

Sale price€20,00

Here is an extremely useful birth gift! The Cherry hot water bottle with cherry stones relieves the ailments of young and old alike. The hot water bottle contains organic cherry stones, which when heated or cooled generate humidity with anti-inflammatory power. It helps with relaxation, sleep and quickly relieves pain: colic, headaches, minor ailments, etc.

For cold action, simply place it in the freezer (minimum 2 hours) in an airtight bag to avoid freezer odors. For hot action, take out the bag of cherry stones and place it in the oven or microwave.

Œko-Tex Standard 100 - Beige cotton : 70% Cotton - 30% Bamboo - Cream comforter : 80% Cotton - 20% Polyester - Removable covers - Machine wash (the cover) at 30°C - Do not tumble dry

Bouillotte noyaux de cerise Cherry
Cherry hot water bottle Sale price€20,00