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Well-being and maternity

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Waiting for the child to be born is a period exceptionally rich in sensations, emotions and also questions. Well-being and maternity offers you the opportunity to experience the fullness of these nine months without being tarnished by small problems or unanswered questions. Even when "everything is fine", we can experience back pain, digestive or circulatory problems, sleep problems, all too often neglected ailments that can easily be resolved. All it takes is clear explanations, daily adjustments (a stool, cushions, a raised bed for example) or massages to restore well-being. Useful every day, from the start of pregnancy, Well-being and maternity guides your discoveries: how to prepare the perineum, how to help the pelvis adapt to the passage of the baby and then to close, how to facilitate the descent of the child and give birth gently, how to “find” your body after childbirth, an often delicate moment. Massages and suspended stretching offer fathers happy moments of active participation. Well-being and maternity, concrete dialogue with the future mother, has become, over the course of its editions, a reference guide for future parents. The author develops a practical approach which respects maternal physiology and considers future parents as active partners for a peaceful, safe and harmonious involvement with the obstetric team during the birth of their child. Bernadette de Gasquet's approach is based on the most recent medical studies and on the reappropriation of the traditional practices of matrons of yesteryear or other cultures. This search for the right body work leads him to propose adjustments to the birthing position, a gentle non-violent push for the child and for the maternal perineum, an authentic follow-up of the aftermath of childbirth too often reduced to a few days 'hospitalization. The original design of early abdominal work, without pressure on the perineum, sweeps away preconceived ideas and allows for overall recovery without risk. And this seventh edition offers a new perspective on birthing positions. Resulting from the attention and precision of thousands of consultations, Well-being and maternity offers a wealth of practical information and daily advice that will help you well beyond pregnancy.

212 exercises, 400 photographs to peacefully preserve your physical well-being

Well-being and maternity
Well-being and maternity Sale price€25,00