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Article: When should you choose your maternity bra?

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When should you choose your maternity bra?

During your pregnancy, it's not just your stomach that will change! The chest, too, will undergo some variations in size. We'll explain how to find your way around and choose the right model...

A maternity bra is generally chosen, and for the vast majority of women, in the fourth month. The chest will gain volume during this period then stabilize until approximately two weeks before giving birth. The back, or rather the rib cage, will follow and will begin to widen from 20 weeks. In fact, the more the pregnancy progresses, the more the belly will support itself under the chest.

As for sizing, we recommend an additional cup depth and chest measurement to the usual size. For example, if you normally do a 90C, take a 95D. If, during the first four or five months, you have gained more weight than normal, add two additional back turns. So, from a 90C, you go to a 100D. You will need to start by wearing the bra as tight as possible at the back in order to widen the notches as your pregnancy progresses. Be careful, it must be comfortable in the tightest position!

For those who are used to underwires (especially generous busts) or who like to remain flirtatious, sexy and glamorous, you can choose from Firmaman maternity and nursing bras whose soft underwires are specially designed to pregnant women and which offer a stunning curve and neckline.

Bras without underwire are also appropriate during pregnancy, for every day or for cocooning at home. Our selection offers ultra-comfortable basic models or more technical ones with firm support, even for large busts.

And, let's face it, at night, nothing beats a bra for comfort and perfect support!
Only essentials for the well-being of pregnant women…

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