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Article: A revolutionary unisex diaper bag!

Un sac à langer mixte révolutionnaire !

A revolutionary unisex diaper bag!

New from Firmaman: the Caravanbag waterproof changing bag from love radius. It's not just a changing bag because it's full of innovations, and we love that!!

1) It is a waterproof diaper bag.

Who hasn't experienced the leaking bottle, the opened compote, the crushed cake, not to mention wet baby things? The 100% waterproof changing bag is the basis and it is not the only one. But wait for the rest.

2) It's a diaper bag that can hang absolutely anywhere!!

In the stroller, in the suitcase, in the baby carrier and even on the bike!! Cargo bike or hiking trips are yours!! And other details, you can adjust the height on the stroller!

3) It’s a diaper bag that serves as a baby carrier (hip seat)

to carry your baby from 4 months!! There was a formula called the Hip-Seat, a sort of hard cushion that you clipped around your waist to carry your child for hip carry. Who has never been tired of carrying their child up stairs, to the supermarket, or in an endless queue at the airport? This diaper bag will allow you to relieve your super parenting muscles without having to buy an additional product.

4) It is a compact diaper bag, wider than it is deep

with easy access to everything you need (bottle, water, diapers, diapers, towels, snacks, diapers, comfort blanket, etc.) and a changing bag with a strap system to hang a large item of clothing (your jacket, your scarf, your baby carrier, etc.) and everything you will need once the changing bag has been transformed into an everyday bag.

5) It’s a diaper bag that can be worn in many different ways:

banana, shoulder, handle, crossed, straight, front, back, side. You can vary the positions according to your desires, your needs and your style.

6) It’s a unisex diaper bag

which will suit both dads and moms. In gray or black, it will appeal to dads and moms alike.

7) It is a diaper bag that contains a waterproof cover

which attaches to all baby gates or slings. In case of showers, your baby will stay dry without having to invest in a babywearing coat. And this same blanket can also be used as a changing mat. Waterproof, it can be used on any surface and is easy to clean.

8) It’s a diaper bag that can be used as a nursing pillow

making sure you have a soft mattress under your baby's back (clothing, a diaper). Super practical for breastfeeding mothers.

9) And what else? It is a diaper bag that will be used for a long time, even afterward as a travel bag, bicycle bag or other.

A smart long-term investment that your guy will want to use and for which you may fight to see who gets to keep him!!! You will have understood, this changing bag is a real gem that we are proud to sell at Firmaman!! Thanks WHO ? Thank you Love Radius!!

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